Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moms Away from Mom

Travelling and shooting means we are up each morning before sunrise and (most of us) like to fly the Cooked in Africa flag proudly way into the next morning (some days). By default, Ray and Megs have become our foster-mothers during this time of travel, which means that not only do they have to do their actual jobs (pre-sunrise to post sunset) but they are also privileged with the task of fulfilling all maternal responsibilities for each member of the crew in their ‘spare time’. Ironically one of their biggest challenges is in fact keeping us fed – a responsibility they perform very well (with a mother’s touch of course).

So when Glenda Philip (a Cooked in Africa family favorite) and Head of Brand Communication for Woolworths met up with us a few days ago at Katse Dam in Lesotho (our home for the next few days), she not only brought along her sister Judy Sendzul (the newest addition to the Cooked in Africa family favorite club) but also the most incredible stash of Woolies treats.
Our new mom on the road, (it’s been decided) Judy is a bit of a food fundi and a cook and a half (total understatement). She co-owns the Salmon Bar, a restaurant near the Three Streams Trout Smokehouse in Franschhoek as well as the Katse Fish Farms here in Lesotho so when it comes to good food she knows best (mothers always do).

If you take all the lekker food Glenda brought us from Woolies and combine it with the culinary skills of our newest foster mom, the result is inevitable, you get have dinners like *Fillets of hot smoked Chilean sea trout, Highlands Trout and Norwegian Salmon and to accompany new potatoes with a drizzle of home made mayonnaise.

Not such a bad spread…even for us.

And last night we had:  *Thick cut rumps of lamb, marinated in freshly chopped garlic, Maldon sea salt, Soya sauce, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary – served beautifully rare, with lemon grass infused pasta with fresh juliennes of capsicum.

Now I realise that Judy has a husband and three boys back in Franschhoek but our family has no less than 9 boys depending on the day and a small handful of girls (a whole soccer team plus a couple reserves) what mother wouldn’t want a family this size? So if she is interested (and her boys back home don’t mind), we’d love to have her with us for the rest of the trip… what do you say Judy?

Till next time,