Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Bubbly Hour at SalmonBar

Join us in February for happy hour between 6 and 7pm - Monday to Saturday - Enjoy 2 glasses of bubbly for the price of 1 when ordering a Japanese Tapas Platter (R50) Monday to Saturday - 6pm - 7pm Sundays - 4pm - 5pm

Monday, December 20, 2010

SalmonBar: Christmas Deli Fish Shop

SalmonBar @ The Yard, Franschhoek. Tel 021-8764591.

Norwegian Salmon Mass Selling Price
Oak smoked ribbons 100g 50.00
Oak smoked traditional cut side 400g 170.00
Hot smoked peppered portion 200g 75.00
Hot smoked peppered side - sliced 400g 170.00
Royale Highlands Trout (smoked) Mass Selling Price
Oak smoked ribbons 100g 35.00
Oak smoked ribbons 200g 65.00
Oak smoked ribbons 400g 120.00
Oak smoked sashimi cut side 350g 95.00
Hot smoked lemon and black pepper portions 200g 95.00
Hot smoked trout parcels 200g 75.00
Lightly smoked trout side / kg 175.00
Royale Highlands Trout - Fresh Mass Selling Price
Fresh plate size trout x2 / kg 100.00
Fresh large trout whole / kg 100.00
Fresh fillets (skin on) B trim / kg 175.00
Patés, Terrines and Mousses Mass Selling Price
Salmon and trout roulades x 8 35.00
Oak smoked trout terrine 300g 40.00
SalmonBar smoked trout paté 150g 25.00
Other Mass Selling Price
Line fish fillets / kg SQ
Prawns Black Tiger 18/20 / kg 115.00
Loligo Squid - cleaned / kg 75.00
Loligo Squid - uncleaned / kg 65.00
Lightly smoked tuna loin / kg 250.00

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lesotho Minister of Natural Resources congratulates the Royale Highlands Trout project

Royale Highlands Trout has reached a milestone in production. The Lesotho Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Minister Moleleki, paid a visit to Three Streams Smokehouse in Franschhoek to acknowledge the successful launch of the Royale Highlands trout brand, proudly grown in the Lesotho Highlands. He was especially impressed with the relationship Three Streams has forged with the top end retailer Woolworths to carry the wide range of trout product from Lesotho.