Monday, December 20, 2010

SalmonBar: Christmas Deli Fish Shop

SalmonBar @ The Yard, Franschhoek. Tel 021-8764591.

Norwegian Salmon Mass Selling Price
Oak smoked ribbons 100g 50.00
Oak smoked traditional cut side 400g 170.00
Hot smoked peppered portion 200g 75.00
Hot smoked peppered side - sliced 400g 170.00
Royale Highlands Trout (smoked) Mass Selling Price
Oak smoked ribbons 100g 35.00
Oak smoked ribbons 200g 65.00
Oak smoked ribbons 400g 120.00
Oak smoked sashimi cut side 350g 95.00
Hot smoked lemon and black pepper portions 200g 95.00
Hot smoked trout parcels 200g 75.00
Lightly smoked trout side / kg 175.00
Royale Highlands Trout - Fresh Mass Selling Price
Fresh plate size trout x2 / kg 100.00
Fresh large trout whole / kg 100.00
Fresh fillets (skin on) B trim / kg 175.00
Patés, Terrines and Mousses Mass Selling Price
Salmon and trout roulades x 8 35.00
Oak smoked trout terrine 300g 40.00
SalmonBar smoked trout paté 150g 25.00
Other Mass Selling Price
Line fish fillets / kg SQ
Prawns Black Tiger 18/20 / kg 115.00
Loligo Squid - cleaned / kg 75.00
Loligo Squid - uncleaned / kg 65.00
Lightly smoked tuna loin / kg 250.00

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lesotho Minister of Natural Resources congratulates the Royale Highlands Trout project

Royale Highlands Trout has reached a milestone in production. The Lesotho Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Minister Moleleki, paid a visit to Three Streams Smokehouse in Franschhoek to acknowledge the successful launch of the Royale Highlands trout brand, proudly grown in the Lesotho Highlands. He was especially impressed with the relationship Three Streams has forged with the top end retailer Woolworths to carry the wide range of trout product from Lesotho.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The official Royale Highlands Trout movie

Foster Brother Productions

Justin Bonello on Royale Highlands Trout

COOKED with Justin Bonello has made a stunning program on Royale Highlands Trout which will be shown on BBC L (Channel 180 - DSTV) on Friday 19/11/10 at 20h30. Find Justin's blog here:

Three Streams smokehouse – commissioning of re-built smoking plant this week-end!

After a devastating fire last year on the 8th December, TSSH has re-built their smoking plant to new and exacting standards. It will be opened for operation this coming week-end. The company employs the most permanent staff in Franschhoek. Despite the set- back of the fire, TSS has continued to invest in people and technology. Gregory Stubbs, the CEO, believes that although the times are tough, it is the companies that continue to innovate and invest in human resource and technology that prosper. With limited capacity the company continued to grow during the past year.

“We are particularly proud to be playing an important part in the local community; over 500 meals are served weekly at two soup kitchens due to our activities, and we have played a pivotal role in the entire value chain creating many work place positions” says CEO Gregory Stubbs.

Over the past year the company continued to supply top end retailer Woolworths with quality salmon and trout product and was a proud supply to Bidvest supplying the Sky boxes during the Fifa World Cup Soccer.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lesotho Product hits Gold!

Royale Highlands Trout Farm on the Katse Dam in Lesotho has reached 300 tones of farmed trout per annum which firmly establishes it as a sustainable and successful aquaculture operation. The brand has been supplied nationally to Woolworths, the premium retailer in Southern Africa and has fast accelerated into being their most successful fish line in the deli section; a first for Lesotho and something the company’s founding directors are extremely proud of.

Greg Stubbs, the father of aquaculture in Africa credits this to the integrity and dedication that Royale Highlands Trout has demonstrated in managing the cold chain and traceability of their providence products. Low stocking densities, perfect water, quality food and dedicated local staff has contributed to a fish that is identical to wild trout in taste with all the recognized health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.  Greg realizes that; “Knowing the journey your food travels, is a growing appreciation amongst the discerning consumer and is critical for both Woolworths and Royale Highlands Trout”.

Fellow director, Stephen Phakisi believes the farm’s success will spark major development for the region. “It was a dream come true to introduce aquaculture into Lesotho; we are now focusing on the establishment of upstream & downstream industries that have not been present in our country before.”
A corner-stone of Royale Highlands Trout’s ethos is to directly contribute to the community that share the water’s of Katse Dam. Ha Lejone Village Chief, Mamphole Molapo believes the farm has added enormous value to their community. “Going forward, we hope that the Katse Fish Farm will be able to expand and employ more people. As the chief of the village, this would be a great achievement.”

The role-players in Royale Highlands Trout have many years of experience working in Lesotho and have been responsible in attracting over 200 million rand into the kingdom. They are committed to further invest in the people and infrastructure of Lesotho.

Royale Highlands Trout is part of an international movement to supply farmed fish into the world’s fastest growing segment of food production. The farm represents one of the most efficient and sustainable farming practices on the planet; as trout are able to convert 1kg of food into almost 1kg of protein, something no land based farmed animal is capable of.

Royale Highlands Trout is preparing to develop an off-site hatchery and a processing plant in Maseru which will require a further 120 full time employees and will continue to develop local skills. The company intends to establish a tradition of aquaculture that could represent significant benefits for the mountain kingdom.

“Royale Highlands Trout’s vision is to utilize modern aquaculture in order to preserve the oceans diminishing resources. By practicing international best-practice and responsible farm management, we can reach the world’s future demands of fresh seafood”.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Royale Highlands Trout

Delicious and HealthyRoyale Highlands Trout (also known as "Lesotho Trout") is grown in the cold clear waters of the Lesotho Highlands. Pollution free water and environmentally sound farming methods ensure a product of the highest standards. Trout from this region is melt-in-the-mouth tender because of the remarkably high water quality and sustainable farming methods. 

In the pristine waters of the Katse Lake in the Highlands of Lesotho, our magical project was born in 2006. After due diligence and careful environmental impact assessment was concluded, the modern trout farming operation was started with passion and involvement of skilled aqua- culturists, investors and the local Ha Lejone village members.

Franschhoek Trout

The famous Franschhoek Stream springs mystically from the foothills of the Franschhoek Mountains, home to the Three Streams Farm, the famous Three Streams Smokehouse and the Three Streams Salmon & Trout farming operations. 

Situated in the world renowned Franschhoek Valley, the food capital of South Africa, visitors are offered stunning views of the mountains, beautiful winelands and the endemic fynbos, the richest floral kingdom in the world. The sparkling stream waters of the Berg River flow into the Berg River Lake, offering spectacular views of mountains and water.

Judy Sendzul

(BA, University of Stellenbosch), chef, restaurateur, retail food product developer and marketer. An international cordon bleu trained at Silwood kitchen in Rondebosch, Cape Town, Judy has worked as a chef in Cape Town's top restaurants, including her own Chancellors in Long Street, along with her sister Glenda Philp. She spent nine years in food retail, developing new products for Woolworths and heading up new product development before spending two years in London, gaining experience in the restaurant industry and in research, product development and marketing. She established the famous fish restaurant, the SalmonBar, Franschhoek, with Gregory Stubbs two years ago and has worked as a consultant to Three Streams and various retail food suppliers on strategic development and marketing.

Gregory Stubbs

(MSc Aquaculture, Sterling, UK), established Three Streams Smokehouse on the family farm in Franschhoek in 1984. Today he is CEO of Three Streams Smokehouse and Trout Hatchery in Franschhoek, which processes tons of trout and imported salmon a year, and supplies Woolworths and many of South Africa's top restaurants with fresh, smoked and cured salmon and trout products. Gregory is also a founder and shareholder in Katse fish farms which is the home of Royale Highlands Trout - the first provenance brand created by OMEGA WORKS in the South African retail and food service market.

The Salmon Bar, Franschhoek

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moms Away from Mom

Travelling and shooting means we are up each morning before sunrise and (most of us) like to fly the Cooked in Africa flag proudly way into the next morning (some days). By default, Ray and Megs have become our foster-mothers during this time of travel, which means that not only do they have to do their actual jobs (pre-sunrise to post sunset) but they are also privileged with the task of fulfilling all maternal responsibilities for each member of the crew in their ‘spare time’. Ironically one of their biggest challenges is in fact keeping us fed – a responsibility they perform very well (with a mother’s touch of course).

So when Glenda Philip (a Cooked in Africa family favorite) and Head of Brand Communication for Woolworths met up with us a few days ago at Katse Dam in Lesotho (our home for the next few days), she not only brought along her sister Judy Sendzul (the newest addition to the Cooked in Africa family favorite club) but also the most incredible stash of Woolies treats.
Our new mom on the road, (it’s been decided) Judy is a bit of a food fundi and a cook and a half (total understatement). She co-owns the Salmon Bar, a restaurant near the Three Streams Trout Smokehouse in Franschhoek as well as the Katse Fish Farms here in Lesotho so when it comes to good food she knows best (mothers always do).

If you take all the lekker food Glenda brought us from Woolies and combine it with the culinary skills of our newest foster mom, the result is inevitable, you get have dinners like *Fillets of hot smoked Chilean sea trout, Highlands Trout and Norwegian Salmon and to accompany new potatoes with a drizzle of home made mayonnaise.

Not such a bad spread…even for us.

And last night we had:  *Thick cut rumps of lamb, marinated in freshly chopped garlic, Maldon sea salt, Soya sauce, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary – served beautifully rare, with lemon grass infused pasta with fresh juliennes of capsicum.

Now I realise that Judy has a husband and three boys back in Franschhoek but our family has no less than 9 boys depending on the day and a small handful of girls (a whole soccer team plus a couple reserves) what mother wouldn’t want a family this size? So if she is interested (and her boys back home don’t mind), we’d love to have her with us for the rest of the trip… what do you say Judy?

Till next time,